Ever check out Trending Appliances in Outdoor Kitchens? Let’s do it! Nowadays, outdoor kitchens have become our go-to summertime cook centers. The men get their ‘grill rights’ exercised and the ladies have modern convenience at their fingertips. Sure, trips indoors are inevitable, but when it’s time to feed a hungry crowd, having the basics to “Get R Done” makes it a breeze. Why don’t we start with a little appliance we like to call “the kitchen sink”?!


Ladies, I ask you, “What’s just as important to an outdoor kitchen as built-in gas?” Easy, the kitchen sink. Running water at the turn of a faucet is a luxury wherever you are, dontcha’ think? It reminds me of a time when the Jamieson homeowners told the story of how they questioned the need for an outdoor kitchen sink in their design plan . . . thinking, isn’t there one right inside the back door? Then, a few months post construction, they highly recommended it to others. Their island grill & bar was in close proximity to the indoor kitchen sink, but to get to it, they’d have to slide open the screen every time they needed water. They chose to add a sink to their design plan and now they sing its praises. We’ve all done it, filled containers to carry water outside. But, having a sink handy is a convenience we hope never stops trending. Check out these outdoor kitchens that boast a kitchen sink:


When you think of outside and game day, what comes to mind? Bruskies! Yes, many a man & a woman love an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day. Well, even a semi-hot day for that matter. Makes sense then to add it to your everyday outdoor life. Like these smart homeowners. When you design your outdoor kitchen, tell the designer to “put a tap in it” . . .


Let’s face it . .  the big bad grill is the #1 appliance we think of in outdoor kitchens, eh?

We all love grilled Steaks, Chicken, Burgers, Hot Dogs, . . . how much room do we have in this blog? We could list hundreds of items that taste delicious ‘hot off the grill’  . . . grilled food tastes so yummy!

Where did grilling originate?  No one is really sure where the term barbecue originated. The conventional wisdom is that the Spanish, upon landing in the Caribbean, used the word barbacoa to refer to the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform.  But, if you love grilling, you probably have a man named George Stephen to thank for those burgers , steaks,and brats. In the early 1950s he worked at Weber Bros. Metal Spinning Company and was a backyard cook himself. He envisioned an efficient and all-around better grill & in 1952, his ideas started a revolution in outdoor cooking. . .
Now 6 decades later, we enjoy his innovation!
 All shapes and sizes, basic models to top-o-the-line . . . don’t separate a man and his grill – here are a few ideas or inspirations:


The Big Green Egg Grill – a beast of a charcoal grill and smoker with many a copycat cooker, is another option trending in outdoor kitchen appliances. Recently, at a friends bar-b-que, one of these little egg cookers stole the show. The steak and chicken was melt-in-your-mouth tender and the men in the group engaged in a ‘mines’ better’ type discussion about the grill/smoker. Some choose both in their backyard setups.


Flat top grills are hot! Why? What other grill allows your guests to cook it their way? They call it a cooking platform. Social cooking entertainment from any angle. But, all-in-all, it’s a grill with a bit more cooking versatility. One of our homeowners recently opted for it.

See Bissell outdoor kitchen. Below it shows being installed during construction:


Who doesn’t love pizza? A Harris Poll found pizza is Americans’ No. 1 favorite comfort food, earning twice as many votes as any other dish. (Take that, chocolate!) Makes sense to add it to your backyard must-haves. And our homeowners who have ’em love ’em! They are wood fired, so the flavor of the pizza is extra delicious. Whoops, unless you go all out and add a top of the line natural gas pizza oven like the Resers‘ opted for . . .


We love TV. Yes, we do.  As shown in these outdoor kitchens:


Probably, the most underrated outdoor appliance is the kitchen counter. Is there ever enough counter space? Nope. Outdoor grill areas of the past made it hard to be hands free. Where did you put the meat, the spices, the grill tools, and your beer?  Juggling these items was part of the experience. But not so in outdoor kitchens today. Outdoor counters match indoor counters. Actually, most of the photos posted show off some spectacular counters, but we are not shy about photos . . . imagine this much counter space in your backyard?

Well, there you have it. That pretty much wraps it up for outdoor kitchen trends. As new landscape ideas surface, count on us to share them with you for your backyard living news. Throughout summer we’ll invite you on a tour of our latest landscape renovations. Look for 2018 Landscape Reveals . . .

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Like promised…. a variety of trends in outdoor kitchens. Thanks for dropping in for our bi-weekly blog.

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