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Outdoor Living Design Reveal – 2017 – James

Welcome to an Outdoor Living design reveal in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Portland. These prominent homes overlooking the city wind through the hills displaying striking house fronts. It’s fun to drive by them to see the many styles, interesting architecture, the old, new and grand designs.  It makes you wonder what the backyards are like.  That’s why this design reveal of the James property is particularly interesting.

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Outdoor Living Designs – Why out is the New IN

PARADISE RESTORED Designs Outdoor Spaces People Love to Live in . . .  A thoughtfully Designed outdoor living space creates an ambiance the indoors can’t match. Taking your indoor style out the back door and into your landscape adds living and entertaining space. It also adds nature’s therapeutic elements. Outdoor kitchens for dining al fresco, gazebo’s perfect for game nights,

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