Why switch it up hardscapes in landscape design? Easy, hardscapes are the core of the design. Use your imagination. An outdoor getaway is the perfect place to flex your creativity and it all starts with hardscapes! But what are they? Used in the early stages of landscape construction they are the elements in the design that create the foundation or shape. But they’re so much more….


Hardscapes prevent the absorption of water and protect the soil. They ensure that worrying about water after a heavy rain is not an issue or that soil movement is never a problem. They guarantee your yard stays a drier, enjoyable living space, rather than a wet and muddy bog.

Sounds pretty serious, eh? So why switch it up? This is your Blank Slate. You get to decide which elements you like best in your design. Hardscaping comes in many forms: patios, vertical walls, pools, spas, stone bencheswood structures and paved walkways . . . all hard materials that safely move water away from the property. And while these hardscapes are busy protecting your outdoor living space, they also add the vitality and pazazz! So Switch it Up!



This fun family while enjoying the beautiful water feature in their landscape chose to re-create their hardscape. They kept a similar waterfall theme but took it in an entirely new direction! Same property, different hardscapes! Really – this is the same property? Check it out – Before: Lance Ct   After: Nicole Ct  and: Pool Party


Make the most of your outdoor space by working with nature. This dynamic duo knew they wanted the landscape design to blend into the natural surroundings of their ‘home-on-a-hillside’. Each hardscape element they chose enhances the natural beauty while blending into the setting.  The waterfall down the hillside with dry creek beds, the paver hardscape on the living patio, the dining area overlooking the lake, and the boulder steps to destination pathways…. do not distract from this timeless scene. Olsen property


Fun decor pieces take your outdoor space to the next level. Tucked into the corner of this backyard on its foundation of architectural slabs, this living and dining space draws you in. A bit of an Asian influence and fire in the hardscape creates lighting and a relaxed but quirky ambience. Armstrong Property


Take an objective look at your property as if you have never been there before. Think, “What would I do to make this better?” These homeowners did just that by collaborating with Paradise Restoreds’ design team to give their backyard a mid-mod make-over! They turned an overgrown tired out deck into a mid-mod setting complete with integrated seating to maximize the use of the space. A unique concrete fireplace doubles as a privacy screen while concrete steps lead to a lower concrete patio with river rock in the gaps! Nice Make-Over – James family!


Crossing over water is an enjoyable experience . . . and these homeowners thought so too! The landscape is filled with go-to spots. A waterfall close to the spa with built-in-bar can be crossed over on the way to the firepit patio . . . just follow the slate pathway. An important part of hardscaping and landscape design is determining how one will walk through the space. Go on a journey in this hardscape landscape. . .  you’ll enjoy reaching the many destinations! Coffey property


Stepping down into the backyard, these homeowners walk out to gather under an attached a-frame gazebo, which acts as an extension of their indoor living room. The Grill & Bar island complete the look which even boasts a kitchen sink. This is one element they pair went back & forth on. Finally they said, let’s do it. Now, they are very happy they put a sink in the bar. It’s become a neighborhood gathering space and you can see why. . .  take a tour.   Jamieson property


Looking for privacy? A space all your own to relax? Notice these four spaces, each with their own flavor and hardscape.



A fireplace takes an outdoor living space from typical to luxurious.  But when you add a second story with a firepit, you create a two-story outdoor room that’s a perfect gathering spot for adults and kids, whether they’re cozying up on a cool evening or roasting marshmallows. Two story’s & two fire spots for double the fun!   Schmidt property


Another hardscaping element we see popping up in most landscape designs are outdoor kitchens and cook centers. These convenient areas for the hostesses/chefs add the ‘eat, drink and be merry’ at your fingertips. From grill islands and pizza ovens to all amenity kitchens, what suits your needs? Click the link to enjoy a few versions of outdoor kitchen life. The outdoor kitchen above boasts every appliance imaginable and loads of counter space. Mckenna property


Perhaps this has shed some light on hardscapes in landscape design…. Paradise Restored takes special care to listen to homeowners, understand their objectives and offer insight. Remember to “switch it up” when it comes to your hardscape elements. We’ve got you covered . . . just head us in the right direction!

Want to see more? Visit our gallery of works @http://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio/. Set up a complimentary consultation to discuss hardscape options in your landscape @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/



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