Braghero Property Portland, Oregon

    Put a Palm Tree in it – Tropical Landscape Design

    Tropical Landscape Design in Portland? Yes, in fact, we love it! This innovative landscape design immediately draws you in with its colorful tropical plantings. And Portland has the hot summer heat for these plants to thrive! Displayed in custom wood raised beds, the plantings and stand out Palm Tree create a mini paradise of relaxation.

    Saunter through pathways of plantings to find your best spot around the stunning firepit. Equally eye-catching is the step-able ground cover effect bordering the hardscape. The lava-look slab seatwalls make an excellent contrast with the custom wood privacy screen and impressive gazebo over the spa.

    A dining patio with pergola and retracting awning add the finishing touches. Imagine never having to leave home to step foot in a tropical paradise? Now you see why we say, “Put a Palm Tree in it!”


    Nicole Court
    Before & During Landscape Construction