Contemporary Landscape Design

Kim Property Hillsboro Oregon

    Kim Property Contemporary Landscape Design

    This Contemporary Landscape Design is a winner. Take a walk in the countryside. The Kim Property 2016, is a contemporary Farm-scape where nature’s immense beauty captivates. Where rolling hills, blue skies, and spacious fields frame a contemporary farmland design.

    Both the front and backyards have been completely renovated to create a easy living landscape. The clean lines of the pathways, firepit area, and dining are just right. The minimalist lines allow the surrounding view to steal your attention. Less is more and it’s simply stunning.

    The Front driveway and entryway Outdoor Living area add charm to the front view. The front deck is perfect.  Having many destinations spots to relax and unwind is perfect for family life or entertaining.

    The natural beauty of the surrounding farmland makes a jaw-dropping frame to set this landscape apart.

    Notice the before and during construction photos to complete your vision of what can be done in landscape design.



    Before & During Construction