Open Air Dining – Eating Outdoors is Good for Your Soul

Open Air Dining – Eating Outdoors is Good for Your Soul – a bit of a No-Brainer, eh?

But, let’s reflect on ‘the why’. . .  The ambiance is impeccable, the service is unmatched, and the experience is rejuvenating and relaxing.ade

Eating a delicious spread in good weather is therapeutic activity that makes us feel better. Like to Grill? Great. Prefer hot dogs over an open flame? Even better. And wrapping a group around your outdoor dining table loaded with foodstuff: idyllic.

Relax by the firepit - Wine and Cheese plate with Lantern light

Relax by the firepit – Wine & Cheese plate w/Lantern light

Give the credit to good old Vitamin D, right? Maybe . . . We do not absorb Vitamin D from the sun’s rays as many believe, but it’s actually synthesized by our body when sunlight hits our skin. This is why every meal you eat outside on a sunny day is auto-magically fortified with vitamin D.

ad5 No wonder eating outdoors is so restorative . . . making you feel strong, healthy, full of energy and happy again.







The phrase al fresco is borrowed from Italian for “in the cool [air]”, although it is not in current use in that language to refer to dining outside. Instead, Italians use the phrases fuori or all’aperto. In Italian, the expression al fresco usually refers to spending time in jail(!)  In addition to describing a type of dining, alfresco can also describe a kind of painting. The word fresco, which comes from the Italian adjective fresco, meaning “fresh,” refers to a method of painting on fresh plaster. Now that we know the correct use of the word, the “outdoors” sense of alfresco is by far the most common in current use.

Cooking and eating outdoors is much more sociable. Not only can you fit more people into an outdoor kitchen & dining space, but it somehow brings a sense of occasion to each meal. You can invite a group of friends to dine, or grill a family meal for you and the kids. See how the Noonbergs enjoy an open air dining night with friends . . .

There’s just something about eating outside! Pizza for starters, watching the game…. grilling up some steaks…. Or dinner for 10 on the patio bathed in Candlelight . . .

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In our neck of the woods, al fresco is a style of dining that is casual and often party-like in its atmosphere. blogFair weather days . . . evenings . . . or under the stars . . . the fresh air makes everything taste better.


Swim, Eat. Chit-Chat, Eat. Sunbathe, Eat. Read a book in a hammock, Eat. Play, Eat. Firepit, Eat.

Recognize a pattern here?

Another wonderful benefit of eating outside: No Dress code!

Open Air Dining can excuse a variety of indoor social graces, especially for the kids. The dress code is much more relaxed plus you & the kids won’t care nearly as much about spills and messes!  Perhaps, curtailing the one-sip-of-pop graveyard is a must do but, it’s a kids life too and eating outside on the go is fun with a sense of freedom thrown in for good measure!

What to eat? Outdoor food can be Bar-b-Que to Exotic. Ribs, pasta, burgers, hot-dogs, salmon, steaks, salads galore…. picnic foods – potluck foods – kid foods – anything goes foods!  And don’t forget the watermelon! You can have a theme night or throw outdoor showers and parties with loads of foods and beverages. Many outdoor kitchens have refrigerators and kitchen sinks making clean up a breeze.





Dessert Anyone? Desserts are perfect after a long day of grilling with friends and family. Many times they are fruity, cold and refreshing. And chocolate has to be considered in the dessert round-up . . . before, during and after you eat (especially if you’re working the grill!).

Talk about summer living! Nothing beats beverages on the patio after a long day in the sun.  And yet this photo highlights the relaxed ambiance of champagne and dessert on a summers night . . . background fire and mood lighting are part of the pleasure.






Outdoor kitchens many times have bars and bar stools. Easy for all ages to grab a stool and dig in to all kinds of snacks! And bars don’t necessarily have to be attached to an outdoor kitchen to get used! Where there is food and fun – there is sure to be a following . . .  See Jamieson PropertyGrove Property, & Froomer Property, to see how eating outdoors is part of the landscape design . . .


Dining room areas add the extra space and the sit-down-to-dinner type atmosphere of the indoors – Outside! This creates the tantalizing ‘Al Fresca’ atmosphere we are drawn to. These outdoor table areas have duo purpose as they provide shady havens for all ages when the sun becomes to hot to handle!


Some like it hot! Real hot! And popping into the hot tub after a long day doesn’t mean you have to wait to grab a little something to nibble on while you soak your stress away…. If you plan on a long soak, having appetizers and refreshment makes sense.

The Newcombe’s landscape design is filled with foodie spaces all around the property. The heart of the home is in the kitchen and in this case, they have an enormous outdoor kitchen! Double the heart & double the fun!




Well – are you convinced yet? Do you see why Eating Outdoors is Good for Your Soul? If you imagined yourselves enjoying the fun, food and fabulous outdoor life shown here, maybe we’ve influenced you a bit . . .  at least, we hope you can relate!

Thanks for joining us this week  – Team Paradise is sincerely invested in outdoor living as a present day lifestyle. We encourage one and all to ‘get outside’ and give your minds and bodies a break from your daily ‘indoor’ routine.

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