Living Walls in Landscape Design

Living walls or green walls are self-sufficient vertical gardens. They attach to exterior walls using hydroponics, planting the roots in a structural support fastened to the wall. The beauty of vertical living walls is drawing interest in all sizes of properties. They shield outdoor spaces from neighbors’ view, reduce traffic noise, and offer a more visually appealing living environment.

In the Gibson property, the living wall was placed directly across the office window allowing a beautiful view. Not only does it make a great privacy screen, it doubles as a plant mural. Thanks to collaborating with the homeowners, the design team created the perfect solution to a typically unused side yard. A dog run! And the living wall brings the artificial grass to life. Clever design don’t you think? Go Team Paradise!

Living wall in landscape design

Landscape Backdrop – Living Fireplace Wall

Living walls date back to the 1930’s. Grown vertically, they become a landscape backdrop. In the Stice Property the Living Wall framing the fireplace is captivating. The juxtaposition of Plants close to Fire makes an interesting contrast. The designers placed the fireplace-living-wall at a strategic viewpoint from indoors as well. Imagine a large gathering of guests in and out of the kitchen/dining room. The ambiance is plain to see from Indoors as well as Outdoors, capturing the essence.

Wilsonville Landscape

Making room: a small urban property gets a big boost by going upward

The multi-story modern Remy property in an active urban setting presented a challenge due to the limited outdoor space. Paradise Restored Design Manager, Debra Berger, met the challenge. Thinking Vertical. The vertical garden turns a large, blank wall into a lush, striking focal point. Taking advantage of plantings on the wall means you can reserve the floor, while still having the benefit of a living garden.


Designing beautiful outdoor living spaces is our specialty at Paradise Restored Exterior Design. Our philosophy – striving to interpret and provide the effects that are most important to our homeowners.  The design plan for this courtyard in North Portland, the Torres Property, shows another style of living wall. The ambiance  is unmistakable – adding character to the corner while providing much needed privacy.  On the opposite side of the courtyard, vertical columns of growing vines add to the planting climate.

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Vertical wall systems started out with hydroponically-grown plants. New systems made of modular planted panels are sprouting up. Individual growing cells are angled to ensure planting medium is stable. Maximum light exposure is a consideration. Everything from grasses and groundcovers to shrubs and strawberries make good plant options. Much the same as a small garden, maintenance is important to ensure beauty and survival.

Irrigating plant material is a primary concern in vertical wall installations. The plants should not be over or under watered. Plants will require some pruning, weeding, and fertilization.


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