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Everyone needs Landscaping Tips to Cool Off Hot Summer Days. Where you gonna turn? Paradise Restored . . . Yes, Team Paradise has landscaping tips! Afterall, we eat-drink-sleep outdoor landscaping and entertaining . . . we’re Oregonians!  Once warm weather and sunshine peek thru our rain clouds – we’re off-the-charts-busy making landscape dreams come true. Safe to say, we’ve got the tips . . .

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So enough about our credentials . . . let’s get back to Landscaping Tips / Cool Off Hot Summer Days. Just how can Backyards Designs help cool us down? Shall we start with a no-brainer:

We’ve got you Covered

Gazebos are #1 for shady retreats. They are full-scale outdoor shade havens. They come in all shapes and sizes to boot. Attached to your home, or a hop-skip-and-a-jump from your backdoor, outdoor living gazebos provide shade-shelter from intense sun rays for you and your guests.

Party Under the Pergola

Not everyone needs or wants full sun protection. Enter Pergola. These impressive open-lattice roof structures are not designed to completely block the sun, but do offer relief from direct sunlight. Bonus, they allow air to circulate keeping things cooler.  Cooler works for me! Did someone say, ‘Party under the Pergola?”

Awnings Are Awesome

Little did we know the total ‘Awesomeness’ of a retractable awning. We’re just people, right? Take this tip from us at Paradise Restored . . . invest in a retractable awning when you’re thinking outdoor living area. They boast ‘shade sanctuary’ (say that 3 times fast) with a flip of a switch. Pretty cool, huh? The top set of photos show-off the Kelsey Pergola w/Awning. Middle photos, the McFee pool patio, and click into the video displaying the Castles‘ louvered metal awning. All three exhibit the refuge an awning can deliver during the hottest hours of sunshine. Their open or closed ability allows, “Let there be Light” or “Soothing Shade.”

blog diagram

Innovative Shade Sails

Super attractive and definitely shade useful, Patio Canopy Shade Sails are a fun alternative to awnings or umbrellas. Good to note some Do’s & Don’ts when considering one for your backyard.

“A shade sail is not an umbrella. It’s main purpose is to block out the heat of the sun, not the wet of the rain. A completely waterproof material means it is not porous, so it traps heat under it when the weather is sunny. This rather defeats the purpose of a shade i.e. to keep cool.”

We love these super cool, super cute Sails . . . especially with their hide under shade benefits . . .

Shown here, a pergola with shade sail in the Puntney Property. . . click the photo to see it in the landscape.

Shade Sail over Pergola

Outdoor Shower Power

This outdoor shower in the Coffee property comes up high in the cute factor, right?  Although it is part-shower, part-privacy screen, it can assist anyone to cool down, pronto.  Not to be outdone in the cute factor pole – the Bingham‘s outdoor shower will also help cool down body temperatures in minutes flat. Both were designed for before or after spa time, but when facing the burning rays of the sun, showertime, baby!

Cool Blades Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can lower your body temperature and by moving air, they do make the room feel cooler. . . by even 10-15 degrees.

Get Over it Men – Girls like Umbrellas

What is the deal with men and Umbrellas? They are the best. Best at cooling down a landscape that is. Let’s take 10 guys and walk ’em into a searing hot patio one by one . . . pretty good odds they’d head for the shade of an umbrella. Can you say, ‘shade-magnet’? Umbrellas are versatile, add vibrant color, and hold a cool-air pocket of comfort. Add as many as you’d like to your backyard. They are affordable, store well for years, and . . .  they’ll add the chill factor to your landscape during the hottest of hot summer days!

Umbrella in landscape

Okay my hot, sizzilin’ summer friends . . . it’s a wrap! Did you get some tips for keeping cooler in your landscape this summer? Hmmm, maybe. Some of these tips might need a bit of time to accomplish . . . but we gotta face it, we live in Portland and although we have our share of rainy weather, our summers are hot, hot, hot!  Get ahold of us now to get your landscape designs ready to roll . . . then few a months down the road, you’ll be prepared to weather hot August Days & Nights. Contact us for a complimentary consultation @

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It’s Been in the 90’s here . . . so keep your Cool!

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