Landscape Reveal / Landscape Facelift

Our sixth of the season 2018 Landscape Reveal / Landscape Facelift  is a little project we like to call the :

cartoon for blogDon’t Worry, Be Happy – Landscape Facelift

A beautiful home with a tired landscape can be a cause for embarrassment. Worse, many times prime living space is going unused. These smart and savvy homeowners couldn’t take it another year . . . Their property needed a facelift.

Overgrown bushes, tattered plantings, and paths going nowhere . . . with almost zero living space.  Add a side yard with a monster-of-a-tree plopped center stage taking up the entire yard for decades . . . they’d had it. They wanted a yard they could live in and entertain in . . .

No Worries, right? (Why do people say that when they definitely have worries? – I don’t get it!) Our homeowners collaborated with the Paradise Restored Design Team for a much-needed Landscape Facelift. The new design plan helped them leave behind their landscape worries to find outdoor living contentment. Best yet, they are Happy too! Hence, the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” expression.

BTW, did we mention the fabulous sport court they added to that tree-dominated side yard? It’s remarkable!

Hidalgo Property

This is an amazing Before & After landscape project. So we’ve made sure to include some before and during construction photos for your perusal!

Was that fun, or what?  Seeing the ‘before’ turn into a design plan masterpiece . . . It’s part of the inspiration for Team Paradise. Also, step into the yard if you want to get a feel of this landscapes ambiance by popping into these super quick ‘after’ videos of the Hildalgo property. They are “feel good” snippets of this  Landscape Reveal / Landscape Facelift:







I want to be in this Landscape! It feels so inviting. It flows from one side to the other and seems roomy, comfy. The sport court is a beauty, the gate and steps going down into it exceptional. So many seats around the firepit. The Dining areas is perfect and the table extends for even more guests. Great Landscape, great facelift.

So once more, a landscape transformation project is put to bed . .  . and it all started with a, ” I wonder what we could do” or a, “Would this look good in our landscape” or a, “It’s time we updated our backyard like our neighbors” . . . something like that.  Living in 2018, outdoor spaces are an important part of our daily lifestyle. Gone are the days we stood inside the house and looked out at our yards. This is 2018, and our evenings and weekends are spent in outside rooms.

Time to create your 2019 lifestyle. It’s as easy as making a call. Whoops, do people call anymore? Just kidding! Call or contact us for a complimentary consultation @

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