Landscape Firepits – Get Our Attention

‘We’ve come along way baby’ since firepits were memories from childhood camping trips. Many Millennials and Generation Z have grown up with firepits a part of their everyday outdoor lives. And they’re not your mama’s firepits either … these landscape firepits ‘get our attention.’

Paradise Restored’s CEO, Micah Dennis, has always loved fire and water elements in his landscape designs. He introduced firepits in his Portland design plans when backyards were made to be looked at from the inside out and rarely to be lived out in. Since his first firepits made their appearance, his imagination helped to define their role in landscapes today.  It’s been said, “beauty is the harmony of function and form,” and this is especially true of present-day firepits.

Firepits come in all shapes and sizes. They fit in small, medium, and large landscapes. You can enjoy them during the day or throughout the evening. Firepits do not age discriminate – they are for young and old alike! Imagine your family and friends enjoying some of our favorite firepits shown here. Click the link if you’d like to view the entire property.


Talwalker Property  – Dining by firelight 


Bissell Property – Super cozy especially after a dip in the pool


Kimberlie Ct Property has a firepit near the dining area and one near the in-ground Spa – below



Brehm Property – In this smaller space landscape, the firepit pulls the design together, don’t you think?


Pendergast Property – Fire & water go hand in hand in outdoor enjoyment


Reser Property – This landscape design does it big in a minimalist way – gorgeous


Latta Property – Firepit fun after putting green playoffs!


Nicole Ct . . . Pool Party – Each of these links will show off this design –  one of our favorites

Modern twist in farmland view

Kim Property – Modern twist in farmland view


Grove Property – Fire, Wood, Water – love it


Newcombe Property – Fabulous firepit & spa combo!


Noonberg Property – Lawn for days, firepit for nights!


Braghero Property – Relax in tropical paradise


Hsaio Property – Courtside to Fireside


What do you think, did we ‘get your attention?’

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