Ever wonder “How to start a Backyard Remodel?”

We get it, now that it’s summertime, you’re seeing cool backyard hangouts and you want your own backyard Paradise. Here are some reasons why giving it a makeover is a good Idea! How do these top reasons sound?

  1. Turning Backyard into Usable Space – (No One Uses it VS Family Hang-out)
  2. Curb/Backyard Appeal – (Plain Jane VS Big Style)
  3. No-time for Outside Activities Away from Home (Bring ’em into your Backyard)
  4. Extended Living Space – (Investment in your Property – For a better why, check out the post below)

Outdoor Living Tops Homeowner Upgrades


We live in busy times. No time for R&R away from the home.  Portland’s streets are a constant rush-hour as we try to get home. Once there, we want leisure time. But the rest of the family who’ve been home for hours want recreation. Problem solved, build both into a livable backyard. Relaxation & Recreation.

Like the “Coffees” Backyard for Instance

This family revamped their deck and added some savvy. All of them wanted fire and water elements in their backyard. Please notice the relaxation/recreation they’ve built into it. Wanting to know where the kids were and who they were with made having options for kids in the landscape was essential. Equally important, having cool adults areas to interact with friends. The photos below show the Coffey backyard – if you’d like you can pop in and tour it . . .


If you don’t know what you want in your backyard makeover, start with a list of your must-haves. HGTV has a questionnaire  you can download, it’ll get you in the right mind set. Build your list.


Okay, you have a list . . . but now what? Get some ideas! Click the link to our portfolio. It has the best ideas ever! So many photos of every kind of dream backyard. All sizes and designs. Many times our homeowners will say something like, “We loved the rustic modern style of the Shriver‘s property, or the Watson‘s built-in spa, the double-sided fireplace of the Washington property, and/or the golf green at the Chau‘s property.” (See all 4 ideas below) (Click the link into these properties)

So, ‘go to the mattress’ to arm yourself with ideas that strike your fancy. Remember, this is YOUR space. Fill it with the things you KNOW you and your family will use in your new outdoor rooms.


Now that you have a list of must-haves and favorite ideas for your backyard remodel. Now, it’s important to have someone be your guide. I’ve heard Micah Dennis (CEO, Paradise Restored Exterior Design) say, “they have an idea of what they want, but they can’t see how to arrange it in their backyard . . . ,”  and why should you? You’ve barely put your ideas together. Leave the know-how to the experts. Micah goes on to say, “they have an idea where they might want a fire feature, but they can have so much more.” That’s the nice thing about experts like Micah, he can walk into your backyard and virtually see the best design arrangement.

Experts know what they’re doing. They build know-how in their field, problem solve and have award winning credentials. These things are especially important when building outdoor structures. And ‘functional’ fire and water elements. These are no DIY landscape projects.

Now if you think this is about promoting Micah and Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design, of course it is! You saw the photos & properties in our Portfolio! Contact Paradise for a complimentary consultation. They come to your property and help you visualize your remodel: @http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/


Your backyard remodel will change your life and the property value of your home. A design plan is critical.  Pop into this blog about the importance of a design plan . . .  it’ll put you on track to the best backyard remodel.

Design Plans Deliver Innovative Landscapes

So, what are you waiting for?

There’s a journey ahead and the destination is incredible. If you truly want a backyard paradise, it’s a few short miles down the road. Mapping out your Remodel-GPS is vital to getting there without roadblocks or u-turns. Get your want-list together, search for favorite ideas, pal up with an experienced guide, and invest in a landscape design plan. It’s a remodel roadmap that leads to a happy, rewarding ending.


“We had 36 people over for the neighborhood Fiesta Party and the patio was a smashing hit!!  The weather was beautiful which added to the outdoor extension of our home.  As the summer comes upon us we will get much use out of our beautiful side yard.  Thank you again for making my last experience with Paradise Restored a pleasant one!!” Stice Property

“We worked with Micah and Paradise Restored on the design and execution of a full-scale transformation of our large sloped backyard in Multnomah Village in SW Portland. They did an amazing job! We’ve worked with several landscapers and contractors over the years and Paradise Restored definitely rose to the top. Every member of the team was top-notch. The designer, project manager, and crew were all awesome to work with and we felt like they took our project’s success very personally and did everything they could to help our project succeed. We have already recommended Paradise Restored to several people.”  Noonberg Property

“My wife and I recently posted several photos of our “restored” backyard on Facebook and received glowing comments from our friends, one of whom – without knowing your company’s involvement – responded with a single word: “Paradise!” I want to thank the entire team at Paradise Restored including owner Micah Dennis, designer Elizabeth Hodgson and in particular construction coordinator Richard Hadeed, who had to leap a number of unexpected hurdles in order to implement what we have today, and did so with much patience and grace. Now… time to relax and enjoy the splendid fruits of their labors!” Doak Property


A BIG Thank You to our blog viewers for joining us today. The sun is shining through my window and I’m itching to get outside myself. And, now that my blog is put to bed, I’m going to do just that. Until next time, get your overworked, life-stressed bodies outside and enjoy some rays too!

Kim Thibodeau

Exterior Design



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