Guided Tour Landscape Design #5 – Step into the Big Easy

Guided Tour Landscape Design #5 – Step into the Big Easy

Want an easy-going lifestyle at an unhurried pace – step into the Big Easy. Big Style in the Big Easy that is! In a landscape that epitomizes these picture perfect words, you’ll recognize the subtle strength of Neutral + Nature in unmatched style. Let the tour begin!







The heart of the home is the kitchen, the hub. It fuels the bodies, minds, and appetites of friends and families. Throw nature in the mix and voila- who can resist an outside kitchen? Outdoor kitchens have become a landscape staple. No more trips to and from the grill to indoor refrigerator. No more sticky fingers when outdoor sink is at hand. And counter space! Who can deny the attraction of an empty counter! And this outdoor kitchen and bar has plenty!

The kitchen side of the enormous bar houses two refrigerators! (one is a wine fridge) A beer tap is especially appreciated by beer enthusiasts. The sink is exactly right with access at the U-turn. Great spot for guest to leave must-wash items.

Note the grill island with two (not one but two) grills in the above photo. Positioned to enable a chef at the big grill and for a chef to man the cook counter grill. This grill is a fun addition to the standard type grill.

Evo Cooktops are designed and built in America as a built-in cooktop for outdoor kitchens.

Shown in the Bissel landscape design, the cooktop is positioned for guests to be able to cook their own meat and vegetable around it. They can gather standing or grab a barstool together or have a friend watch the food while they grab the drinks, or meal prep, or hustle-up the kids to eat!

So many other details in this is big easy outdoor kitchen: The standing ice chest snuggles in near the kitchen sink. Great for kids beverages. Barstool space for 8. (not counting the grill bar) Counter space wraps around in a u-shape with storage underneath. Perfect viewpoint for all areas in the landscape. Watch the game while preparing dinner. Extra lighting makes everything easier as dusk turns into evening.


A pergola attached to the gazebo adds Big Style. This feature may not seem a standout as its big on style while subtle and unique. Notice the flair it adds to the outdoor living room and kitchen. It’s gorgeous!


Summer time gets better and better with an outdoor living room like this one. Sitting beautifully at the top of the landscape, who wouldn’t want to sit a spell in relaxing comfort? So many components make up this peaceful nest.  TV on or off – the fireplace wall is outstanding. Two seatwall bookends add space for lanterns and decor pieces. An additional seatwall runs the length of the gazebo at one side offering plenty of seating for larger crowds. Tables on hand for food & beverages & extra candlelight even though there are heat lamps and outdoor lighting. An outdoor rug on the hardscape centers the room and adds a cozy feel. The furniture & pillows extra comfort.


Next to the living room, this design plan called for a patio view spot. A wrap around seatbench and stone work planters add an extra touch. Want a quick appetizer with a view? Or, turn the table into a game spot for teens with a competitive vibe. Versatile space with the best view – I’d like this seat for myself!




The lure of firelight makes all firepits engaging elements in a landscape design. In this one, the high style seat-backs circle the firepit. Loaded with pillows for cush & back comfort (adults) the firepit sits on the pool patio directly under the view wall above. Outdoor furniture completes the look with tables for holding lighting and firepit essentials. (smores makings) A towel stand for after spa fades into the scene, useful to soakers.



Nothing compares to a stunning pool in a landscape . . . regardless of whether its used or not! (this pool is used & enjoyed) The eye-popping, stunning visual this infinity pool makes is jaw-dropping, don’t you think? Not to mention the custom spa and waterfall feature oozing with ambiance. Central to the landscape, the pool patio is a one-of-a-kind settings. Imagine walking into this scene for the first time?


With so many extraordinary elements in the property, balancing them out with small added touches is a must-do. Did you notice the private retreat table & adirondack chairs near the diving rock? Boulders in pool and edge? A pool-view table with flame light makes one more destination for those who choose to watch the swimmers without taking a dip.  Also, very few things compare to an outdoor dinner for eight. A dining patio is an important feature in a landscape.


As we come to an end of Step into the Big Easy, we must give a nod to the magnificent natural surroundings. The trees and skyline overlooking the city, as well as the natural plantings create a mood beyond compare. No contest!

We would like to thank you for touring with Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design. We enjoy this Guided Tours series. It is an attempt to show our readers the nooks and crannies of a space. Afterall, we are there from beginning to end. From bare backyards to finished landscapes, its hard to imagine all the amenities . . . so we like to give you a closer look. Homeowners are very individual too. Some are very specific and know exactly what they want. Others are clueless to landscape design and need a guiding hand. Over the years we’ve become experts. We are happy to guide or fulfill our clients wishes – and throw a bit of pizazz in for good measure!

Thanks for Stopping by . . . .



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