Final Nominee HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards Vote Now

Final Nominee HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards Vote Now

IT’S OFFICIAL! We are a Final Nominee in the 2018 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards! We are honored and filled with Glee! Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design in Happy Valley, Oregon – a FINALIST!

The HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards are now live and you can VOTE for your favorites! We are so excited to showcase our beautiful landscape design in the category Curb Appeal. You can view and vote in each of the 6 categories once a day, every day, until April 17th.  Click the link and go exploring and Voting!  Peruse a summary of what you’ll see in our finalist category: Curb Appeal or head straight to HGTV’s  Ultimate Outdoor Awards Site: HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards

Curb Appeal: Formal Entry Impresses With Reflecting Pond

A rock retaining wall frames the stairs that lead up to this stunning Oregon home. The entry walkway leads to a reflecting pond, stone pavers and streamlined landscaping. The backyard is just as impressive, with a pool, stream and multiple seating areas.


Oregon Home Nestled in PNW Forests

Set against the forests of the Pacific Northwest, this Oregon home certainly showcases the natural beauty of its environment. A rock retaining wall stretches across the front of the lot to create a formal entrance.

Boulders, Rock Wall Offer Natural Style

Boulders on either side of the wall give the home’s exterior a raw taste of Mother Nature. At the same time, modern landscape lights create a cool visual contrast and help illuminate the front steps.

Front Yard Includes Stone Pathway

Following the front steps leads visitors to the home’s main entrance. Here, a paved path creates an easy route across the yard and helps protect the lush green lawn.

After: Infinity pond focal point entrance

Reflecting Pond Anchored By Planters

A sleek pond extends across the front yard, making for a calming visual effect and encouraging visitors to stop and reflect. Twin planters anchor the feature on either end.

Home Boasts Beautiful Cedar Shaker Siding

A closer look at this home in the Pacific Northwest reveals gorgeous cedar shaker siding. The warm color of the shingles accentuates the lush green lawn even further.



Formal Entry Boasts Symmetry and Balance

Clean lines easily define the front of this home, helping the courtyard to feel sleek and modern. Twin planters on either side of the pond further the effect and offer symmetry and balance.

Sleek Pond Draws the Eye to Tree Line

Blue skies are even prettier when they reflect on the surface of the water. With minimal landscaping around the pond, the owners and their guests can enjoy a clear view of the tree line ahead.


Hedges Create Natural Wall Around Yard

A hedge wall encircles the front yard for additional privacy. Meanwhile, stone pavers continue across the grass and so ensure that visitors’ shoes remain free of moisture and dirt.

Backyard Includes Wide Open Spaces

It may not be Big Sky Country, but this beautiful backyard in Oregon certainly gives the state a run for its money. That neatly trimmed lawn is great for soaking up sunny skies or stargazing.


Private Patio Includes Fire Pit and More

Walking around the back of the house leads guests to a private patio. Here, a modern fire pit and comfortable seating create a focused spot for entertaining.

Sprawling Lawn Ideal for Stargazing

Trees and plants thrive in this backyard, making the landscape feel even more lush. At night, the owners can stretch out on the grass and stargaze.



Stream Provides Soothing Ambient Sound

One thing’s for sure: there’s no shortage of natural beauty in this sprawling backyard. In addition to a wealth of trees, this outdoor space includes a soothing stream behind the pool.

Private Pool Area Tucked Into Hillside

An asphalt path leads visitors from the back patio to a private pool area. Here, a spa nestled against the hillside makes for a relaxing spot to unwind.


Paved Patio Allows for Year-Round Entertaining

To make the most of a natural alcove, the landscape architects filled this otherwise empty space with a modern fire pit and outdoor kitchen. Now the owners can enjoy the space year-round.

Detailed Look at Modern Fire Pit

A modern fire pit is a must-have if you want to make the most of the Great Outdoors. Two ottomans and a leather chaise ensure everyone has a seat.


Overhang Helps Outdoor Kitchen Stay Cool

Traditional iron barstools surround the island and so give the owners even more seating. Meanwhile, a large overhang keeps the space cool and shaded.

Fireplace With Rustic Stone Surround

As if this outdoor space weren’t impressive enough, it even comes with an expansive fireplace. A stone surround gives the feature a cool rustic touch.

Sylvan Heights Landscape

Outdoor Kitchen Pairs Well With Dining Table

Dining al fresco becomes an effortless experience thanks to an outdoor kitchen and table combination. A large stone island makes room for plates and drinks.

Outdoor Kitchen Blends Rustic, Modern Details

A stone-clad island and stainless grill create a striking visual contrast in this outdoor kitchen. Bonus: They’re also fully functional.


Comfortable Chairs in Outdoor Sitting Area

A cushioned sofa and wicker chair create a cozy spot to chat around the fire after dinner. A neutral area rug anchors the space and softens the stone flooring.

Sliding Glass Doors Open to Sitting Area

Sliding glass doors with white trim not only create an easy transition to this outdoor sitting area, but also complement the home’s warm shaker siding.
So there you have it – in a nutshell – a bit of HGTV’s layout of Paradise Restored – Curbside! But wait… There’s more! Check out additional landscape design photos on the HGTV website:—exterior-design/photos and—exterior-design 

Like our our Curbside Appeal entry? We appreciate your Vote!  Feel free to send and share the link! We thank you for taking part in the 2018 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards!

How fun is this…..? Again we are honored to have HGTV request our entry into their 2018 Outdoor Awards – then to become a finalist – we are still shaking our heads in wonderment and are thrilled at the same time! Thank you our friends and blog followers.  We’ll keep you posted.

The Paradise Restored Exterior Design Team

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