Portland and Oregon winter weather forecast: Colder, wetter and a frigid finish

Oregon and the Pacific Northwest are in for another La Niña weather pattern this winter according to recent winter weather forecasts. The outlook calls for a rainy start to the season and a frigid finish. La Niña, or the cooler than normal water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, returned in late summer and should gradually strengthen, according to the National

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 Winter Weather!

As temperatures drop, we look to keep our crews safe. Looks like tomorrow will be icy, so the office is planning on being closed and not sending any crews out. A good reminder that we are transitioning into our winter schedule. If you have not had your maintenance visit either last week or today, please note that we have been

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Competitor Sabotage !!!

Leading by Design . . . As a design based Landscape Company, Paradise Restored is committed to identifying our client’s views through design. During the initial consultation and walk through of the property the process is simple; align ideas around a design plan. Homeowners do not always know what they want. Some know exactly what they want. This is where our

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