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35 Reasons to Put a Firepit in your Backyard

Yep, summer is roaring toward us. Ready to get your landscape ready? We thought we’d give you 35 reasons to put a firepit in your backyard. These backyard beauties are unique to each homeowner…. visualize yourself around one of these firepits . . . which one catches your eye? FIREPITS CAN BE ENJOYED DAY OR NIGHT FIREPITS ARE FOR STORY TELLING FIREPITS

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Fire and Water for Fun-filled Family Times

Family – how can it be equaled? And yet, with busy schedules, the fun-filled family times can slip between our fingers.  How about adding a few of natures’ favorite elements to bring back the memory-makers that active calendars have stolen? That’s what these happy Lake Oswego homeowners did! They added an entertainment patio off their main deck.  Walking a few

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20 Stunning Firepits by Paradise Restored

WRAP YOURSELVES AROUND A FIREPIT Plenty of time before spring and summer to add a firepit to your outdoor living space – Wrap yourselves around hours of fun, family, and the memories you’re sure to experience when you share it with young and old alike!  With so many styles and designs to choose from, we put together some of our

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Top 10 Reasons to put a Firepit in your Landscape this Year

1) Firepits extend enjoyment of the landscape late into the spring, summer, and fall evenings! More fun-time outdoors! 2) People are drawn to firepits for story-telling and laughter! 3) Firepits warm you up after a quick dip in the pool or hours of swimming! 4) They add an extra-fun element to your landscape design!  And they are gorgeous! 5) You can roast marshmallows and

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