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The Outdoor Living Guy – Thriving in Nature

Did you know that people who make the effort to spend time in Nature are happier, healthier and less stressed? This pretty much sums up how, ‘The Outdoor Living Guy,’ Micah Dennis feels about it too. The ‘Outdoors’ is his friend, an equalizer that asks for Nothing and gives Everything in return. It took him awhile to realize he thrived in nature. And

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Coyotes – Part of Portland’s Landscape

Increased coyote sightings prove Coyotes – Part of Portland’s Landscape. Many of us going about our every day lives in Portland never imagining coyotes are roaming neighborhoods in the Beaverton, Cedar Hills, Northeast, and Southeast areas of Portland. But apparently, they can live in a wide variety of habitats, including Portland’s backyards. In January of this year, Lizzy Acker, The Oregonian/OregonLive, published an article on, “Are

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Fascinating Natural Phenomena

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful events to occur in our world, the Aurora Borealis  also known as the Northern Lights, has both astounded and amazed people since it was first discovered. This phenomenon ocurrs when the sun gives off high-energy charged particles (also called ions) that travelout into space at speeds of 300 to 1200 kilometres per second. A

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Landscape Design by Nature

CRATER LAKE was formed after the collapse of an ancient volcano, posthumously named Mount Mazama. This volcano violently erupted approximately 7700 years ago. That eruption was 42 times as powerful as the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. The basin or caldera was formed after the top 5000 feet of the volcano collapsed. Subsequent lava flows sealed the bottom, allowing

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