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Be inspired by our best Backyard Landscaping Designs and transform your yard into a relaxing, functional paradise. How do relaxing and functional both describe paradise? Easy, they go hand in hand to make your backyard landscaping design comfortable, convenient, and breathe-a-sigh-of-relief relaxing. Grab a lounger – Put your feet up!

Enjoy this veritable feast of Amazing Backyard Landscapes – absorb Inspiration for your own transformation or give us a shout and we’ll help out . . . We love all sizes, shapes & styles of properties, so here we go . . . Backyard Landscaping Designs, coming up!

Hey guys, if you want to see the entire backyard of the design shown – click on the photo to tour the full property!

Sizzlin’ Hot Poolscape

Happy Valley Landscape
Take a tiered landscape & design a pool in it . . . Perfect for a waterfall water-feature, eh? Water flows down hillside into a sheer descent over slide’s opening at waters edge. Kids & adults love to slide down and explode out into the pool! Nicole Ct Backyard Landscaping Design – See swim video to see how well this slide works for kids of all ages:

No Worries Landscape Design


KimCt 2016 - landscape

Just when you thought you’d seen it all . . . a real jaw dropper comes along – Must see to believe – So many nooks and crannies. Elements galore. Kimberlie Ct Backyard Landscaping Design

Step out the back door into Tropical Paradise

Poolscape landscape

Everyone loves a poolscape landscape – but this one is a head shaker . . . Resort like feel and every convenience at your fingertips . . . Mai Tai anyone? McFee Backyard Landscaping Design

blog cartoon

Pools Are Friend Magnets

Pool and landscape

Come one, come all – let’s enjoy the view, the pool, the spa, the outdoor living & kitchen areas. Don’t forget the large firepit with ample room for all . . . if you build it, they will come! Bissell Backyard Landscaping Design

Bed of Roses Backyard

outdoor living room

This bi-level landscape with modern elements can host on a large scale. The upper deck accommodates the gang with food & beverage while the lower patio, entices with a private retreat type feel. The raised beds filled with plants and flowers are sure to entice the senses.  Castle Backyard Landscaping Design

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“This is Shangri-la Baby, Right Here!”

Still looking for Shangri-la? Create one . . . In your Backyard


Court-yard Landscape

Finding your Bliss can be as easy as designing a landscape with elements YOU want in your life everyday. Small-scale courtyard landscapes can deliver. Like this one. Torres Backyard Landscaping Design

Stairway to Haven

Backyard Landscaping Design

Isn’t it all about getting cozy and relaxing anytime of day? The ooh-ahh appeal is obvious in this little outdoor haven. James Backyard Landscaping Design


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Make mine light on the clutter

minimalist garden landscape

Sigh . . . followed by total relaxation. Slip into your best spot in this minimalist backyard and float off into serenity. Childress Backyard Landscaping Design

Dynamic Duo -Fire & Water

Backyard Landscaping design

Seemingly, these two stars, firepit and in-ground spa, steal the show in this backyard . . . that is until you see the rest of the landscape. Newcombe Backyard Landscaping Design

In Plain View – North Plains, Oregon that is . . .

Backyard Landscaping design

Never get tired of this incredible photo. The plunge pool spa, view deck with waterfall crossing in front, then down over boulders to a pond below . . . A generous outdoor living room and kitchen with fireplace near the pond are stupendous. Reser Backyard Landscaping Design

Getting Soaked in Moonlight

Spa Photo

How can we show off this backyard in one photo? Never gonna do it, nope never . . . Firepit with custom wood seat bench, custom in-ground spa, and private retreat under the moon.  Gibson Backyard Landscaping Design

Get Outside Portland

Outdoor living

Long generous hardscape deck. grill island bar, dining area, hot tub corner, putting green. A dog run too! For extra fun, a slate stairway climbs to a firepit with lounge area.  Hauskins Backyard Landscaping Design

Who Lives Like This? I Wanna Little of What they’re Having

Attached outdoor Living Room

Meet me outside . . . who would spend time indoors with this reverie a step out the backdoor? Grove Backyard Landscaping Design



Rustic-modern landscape

Unique Rustic Modern – Less is more makes you want to be smack dab center stage in it! A modern-rustic theme, fireplace with TV and seat walls, putting green. Shriver Backyard Landscaping Design

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Modern country landscape

Wild and Wonderful . . . a gem landscape nestled in the countryside. Modern, uncluttered lines – intoxicating. Kim Backyard Landscaping Design

Can’t Touch This! Pool, Sunshine, Summertime

Poolscape Landscape

Who can resist this? Pool, hidden slide, hours of summertime. This property boasts a pool party going on . . . so fun to see a poolscape landscape get used! Pool Party Backyard Landscape Design

There’s No Place Like Home – You can say that Again

Sunken spa off Master Bedroom

Wowie-Zowie! If you’re going to daydream – go BIG and include this backyard in it. Take a mini-tour . . . it won’t disappoint. Talwalker Backyard Landscaping Design

Jeepers Peepers – Focus on this Living Wall

Courtyard Landscape

Mediterranean country style creates a separate decor style makes it a relaxing retreat – and the Living Plant Wall is Spectacular.  Stice Backyard Landscaping Design

Here’s Looking at You Kid

Two sided Fireplace wall

Ever think someone else stole the best seat in the landscape? Never fear here – this backyard has a double your pleasure viewpoint – a two-sided, see-thru fireplace wall. See how it looks from both sides – Ruesch Backyard Landscaping Design


Landscape photo

“This is our staycation landscape” quips the Lady of this outdoor living space…. “We’re giving up a few vacations to Hawaii but we already know it is worth it . . . we spend all of our time out here now.” Roscoe Backyard Landscaping Design

It’s a Kids Backyard too!

Landscape Design

Yep, it is a kids world – unless parents sacrifice kid play for adult lifestyle. Not so in this little beauty of a backyard. There’s a good mix of both. Dickson Backyard Landscaping Design

Whole Lotta Livin’ Going On

Tualatin Landscape Design

Traditional let’s-get-cozy outdoor living room with a whole lotta Kitchen going on! Wait, but there’s more where that came from. Pop into the backyard to see what’s cookin’ – Jaekel Backyard Landscaping Design


A Little Slice of  Pizza Heaven

Landscape Design

It is common belief that pizza was invented by the Italians. However, the history of pizza goes back to ancient times in the Middle East. The Egyptians, Greeks and Babylonians were making derivatives by cooking flatbread in mud ovens. Kinda like the wood burning pizza shown here. This landscape boasts more than a pizza oven – All the amenities are a must-see! Wheeler Backyard Landscaping Design


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